Monday, 2 April 2012

Transport At London Olympic 2012 & Olympic Tickets

London's public transport in Olympic Games is the a key element of the application IOC scored worse than the original estimate: Transport for London are frequent improvements in preparation for 2012, and the expansion of the high ground in East London line and Docklands Light Railway and the improvement and opening of a new North London Line "spear" High-speed, and Hitachi Corporation "bullet" train the software to Stratford International train station opened in the javelin with Network Rail, train another 4,000 during the Games. 
TFL also offered a £ 25 million for construction of cable car across the Thames, "Thames Gateway rope," connection, as well as the Olympic Games in 2012 in locations across the Thames between Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Docks carries up to 2500 passengers per hour at an altitude of 50 meters the air which has been developed to meet the travel time between the O2 Arena, Excel exhibition center cut - which is the Olympic sites, the private funds to ensure a transition for every 30 seconds. The project is to have 80% of athletes travel less than 20 minutes to their event and receive 93% of the athletes within 30 minutes of their event: the Olympic Park will be served in ten different lines with a capacity of 240,000 passengers per hour also LOCOG 90% - works according to three or more types of public transport. 
Two park and ride facilities had a total capacity of 12,000 cars on the M25, 25 minutes away from the Olympic Park. Park & ​​Ride to another site to Ebbsfleet, who have access to a car in 9000 along with the audience a 10 minute bus service, should be planned Viewer for Eton Dorney Park and Ride schemes for the four. The audience had no bridge over Windsor racecourse in Thames connecting the racecourse at the Rowing site. It is also the logistics of traveling to events outside of London Sailing over all the events in the Portland area without direct access to highways and local roads, the high tourist traffic in the crowded summer. But Weymouth has been a huge increase in road infrastructure in the region of a £ 77 million in support from Weymouth to Dorchester road was built and opened in 2011 some £ 16 million pounds for a rest in favor of reform. 
In addition to plans to remove the five roundabouts to ease congestion and replace them with traffic lights, but some residents were unhappy that the roundabouts are removed. In January 2010, criticized the South East England Regional Transport Board announced plans for a credible long-term programs are coached to make the network "The ODA on a large network of bus routes in the absence of an awareness of this work is interesting and is published in the Olympic Development Authority at the same time.”On 15 February 2010, ODA said the first group is the preferred buyer for the provision of bus transportation to the games. This includes park and ride site and provide shuttle service, Park and Ride sites to connect to the M25 and the Olympic Park and an extensive network of express buses to Ebbsfleet Olympic Park and Weymouth and Portland Sailing Place. Services will require about 900 cars in total, although some will be subcontracted.

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