Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Olympic Events in Lords Cricket Ground

Lords Cricket Ground is a cricket venue in St John Wood, London. Named after its founder, Thomas Lord, it belongs to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the cricket clubhouse MIDDLESEX, that England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and European Cricket Council (ECC), and by August 2005. 
International Cricket Council (ICC) cricket at Lord's and is widely known as the world's oldest sports museum in the house: the Lord is not in its original location, the third of three reasons that 1787-1814 set: In his first , The Lord's old ground was now Dorset Square, where now stands. His second reason, Mr. Middle Ground in 1811 was used from 1813 until abandoned to make way for the construction of a canal by the terrorist group to the trustee. The presence of the Lord's ground is about 230 feet north-west in the middle. The renovation was designed by the Lord, which will promote the capacity of another 10,000, and adding housing and ice have been proposed.
The current stands at Lord's are as follows in a clockwise direction:

The Pavilion
Mound Stand
Tavern Stand
Allen Stand
Warner Stand
Edrich Stand
Grand Stand
Compton Stand
Media Centre
For the Lord is one of the locations for the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. The Archery Contest will take before the pavilion with the archers in front of the level and goals in front of a large part of the Lord down position is a tennis court.

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