Wednesday, 8 August 2012

50,000 Tickets are Unsold

Olympic Games are going to end on Sunday 12 August 201. About 50,000 tickets are still unsold for Olympic events, including Hockey, volleyball and weightlifting. Tickets, which are generally higher prices for almost all categories of low-cost family, 
disappeared, as the competition reached its conclusion. The games are still a small part of the six million plus seats. With opportunities for the Olympic Games in their efforts to inform the public not to concentrate on the Paralympics, which begin next month to see about 500,000 to 2.5 million tickets for the Paralympics, including a number of observed events of the day goes to the 
Olympic Park and excel about the Olympic games are sold at the venue box offices this collection booths are used only for tickets already purchased. The potential for huge lines around the Olympic Park, the organizers have received such an approach. There are thousands of tickets every day, as the organizers in order to reclaim its place in the media by the IOC and international sports FEDERATIONS. Around 11,000 are snapped in place at night, but they are accredited to provide some of the best views, many of the highest prices in categories A and B. 
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic Tickets for London Olympic Games

Thousands of the most sought after tickets for the Olympics will be snapped by British sports fans, even though they sold a few months ago, the official website of London 2012. 
The investigation found that coveted tickets for events should be excluded, because the men's 100m final and the final bicycle, unaware of the advertised without the British fans are available. You have to sell about 500,000 tickets for games in their own countries, have given, but, according to European trade laws, they can also sell them to the EU, including Britain. 
However, should the International Olympic Committee rules, the tickets will not be advertising here total 8.3 million tickets are available for games and there was massive demand in the UK, as well as the number of applicants is empty. The fact remains that there are further prompted criticism and the sight of dozens of empty seats for the system in some places. Replacement tickets unsold by the countries before the start of the agents are commissioned by the French, Dutch, Hungarian, and Czech National Olympic Committee (NOC-h) markets. Some people have 20 percent of the value of his dances: first for games sold in 4000 to stimulate the remaining tickets to the 1200 Franco-French NOC-distribution headquarters on the Thames in a Victorian building rented in France during the games. 
Netherlands to sell 1200 tickets are sold on at Alexandra Palace in north London over the counter and the Czech Republic and hundreds of his home office in Islington, North London. Meanwhile, 600 tickets allocated to Hungary from 1500 to the back room you have a North London pub has been sold to the archway. A journalist who bought the tickets cost between £ 50 and £ 295 for seats to see Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon last week, as Usain Bolt over 200 meters: Tom Daley is diving on this Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

75,000 More Olympic Tickets are On Sale

For London Olympic Games 2012 Around 75,000 more tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games will go on sale including 1,600 places in the main athletics stadium. LOCOG, the company running games, 

Said that the final conversion to the stadium after the opening ceremony last week, a few rooms, which can be installed in place of the 75,000 additional Tickets, do not include a football game, some 200,000 seats still unsold. Before the 1600 coveted Olympic tickets have been released in athletics at the last moment:
Paul Deighton, LOCOG chief noted that a large number of new tickets for the Olympic Track and Field, which begins on Saturday. Going forward within the next 48 hours, the LOCOG The news, when criticism of the organizers saw the empty seats are selling out parts of the event’s organizers have tried to overcome this problem by selling tickets,
which were initially assigned to members of the Olympic family in more than 9,000 tickets irreparable are accredited to sell seats in the last days, LOCOG. Olympic Tickets for London Olympic Games are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.