Wednesday, 8 August 2012

50,000 Tickets are Unsold

Olympic Games are going to end on Sunday 12 August 201. About 50,000 tickets are still unsold for Olympic events, including Hockey, volleyball and weightlifting. Tickets, which are generally higher prices for almost all categories of low-cost family, 
disappeared, as the competition reached its conclusion. The games are still a small part of the six million plus seats. With opportunities for the Olympic Games in their efforts to inform the public not to concentrate on the Paralympics, which begin next month to see about 500,000 to 2.5 million tickets for the Paralympics, including a number of observed events of the day goes to the 
Olympic Park and excel about the Olympic games are sold at the venue box offices this collection booths are used only for tickets already purchased. The potential for huge lines around the Olympic Park, the organizers have received such an approach. There are thousands of tickets every day, as the organizers in order to reclaim its place in the media by the IOC and international sports FEDERATIONS. Around 11,000 are snapped in place at night, but they are accredited to provide some of the best views, many of the highest prices in categories A and B. 
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