Friday, 13 July 2012

USA Athletes Uniform for 2012 Olympics made in China

The American player Uniform for the Olympic red, white and blue was made in China has been done and the members of Congress are fuming. Democrats and Republicans on Thursday produced by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in dress caps and jackets team of Chinese and U.S. textile industries struggling economically trousers fulminated, and many workers desperate for jobs. 
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, said he was proud of the country Olympic athletes, but they were in uniform, who said in the United States House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, the Republicans are done. My "One could, they would be better than the choice of designer Ralph Lauren clothing for protecting USOC know in London in 2012. Unlike many Olympic teams in the world, the U.S. team of private funding, and we are grateful for the support of our sponsors, said USOC Secretary General Patrick Sandusky. We are proud of our Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company and are happy to see America's best athletes in the Games in London to compete. Ralph Lauren Olympic and Paralympics teams and the development of the closing ceremony and casual attire are worn around the Olympic village. Nike uniforms for the various competitions in the U.S. and outfits for a medal position. Clock called the Sandusky gross violation of the uniform nonsense China. He writes that the designer of "an American company financially supports our team, which supports American athletes. Ralph Lauren Company has refused to comment on this review. 
This is the first time that Ralph Lauren - has developed the Olympic packages but the little that suppress the anger of the legislature. Steve Israel said Democrat representative. "There are 600,000 vacancies in the production in this country and the Olympic Committee, the outsourcing of production to China and the uniform is not only outrageous, it's just stupid It is" absurd. He called the decision to cancel USOC wrote one join the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Nick Symmonds, who will compete in the London Games in the 800 m: our Ralph Lauren outfits for the Olympic opening ceremony in China.

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