Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Israeli Seller Caught for Selling Black Olympic Tickets

Olympic Game are going to Began 27 July 2012 a lot of black Ticket holder are tries to Sell Thais Black Olympic Tickets from All over the World. Israel’s official ticket seller for the 2012 London Olympic Games was one of 27 agents caught selling tickets at magnified prices in the Sunday Times reported.
The Sunday Times launched a two-month study to ticket sales, which the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to form an internal investigation of the relevant. London journalists, posing as representatives of the Middle East, a ticket reseller, revealed that the representatives of 54 representing countries such as Greece, China, Serbia and Lithuania were actors in the scandal. According to the report, Yoav Bruck, a swim in Israel in 1992, Games and Sports ISSTA works, the only authorized seller of tickets to Olympic events in Israel and Cyprus, was caught trying to sell 525 tickets to suppliers 66 000 Pounds. Sunday Times reported that the tickets, which are derived from National Olympic Committee supplies, which are then sold to the highest bidder, often at 10 times the original price. 
IOC rules prohibit a member of national committees to sell tickets from abroad, and raised the price of tickets or sell tickets to unauthorized dealers. Since then, claims that a number of NOCs and ATR were reportedly ready to break the rules of offers to buy or sell tickets from its territory to sell tickets at inflated prices, or sell tickets to unauthorized dealers, the IOC has ordered immediate investigation allegations referred to by its independent ethics committee, "the IOC said the report. IOC to take these allegations very seriously and has immediately taken the first steps to investigate. If malpractice is proven, the organization wants to deal with participating in appropriate manner. NOCs are independent organizations, but if any of the cases confirmed the IOC would not hesitate to make the strongest seuraamuksia.KOK also welcomed the recommendations in a study on how to improve sales of tickets in the future. 

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