Tuesday, 24 July 2012

700,000 Olympic Tickets are Unsold

Olympic Games starting from 27 jury 2012 in London with Olympic Opening Ceremony at Olympic Stadium London. The organizers of the Olympic Games in London, has admitted that 700,000 tickets remained unsold. About 700,000 tickets were sold in Olympics, and the volume was reduced to a series of football games,
 organizers said on Tuesday LOCOG 250 000 football tickets were now sold, while 50,000 tickets are now available to buy from other sports. In addition, 200 000 200,000 tickets and football tickets for sale to other sports, then go to the Olympic committees around the world and back. The organizers announced that more than one million football tickets left, but they are reduced by half, reducing capacity and stadiums. A spokesman for LOCOG «We are planning to expand capacity in the areas up to 500,000 tickets through the tournament was reduced to this one cannot work any animal or area of a floor, some areas may apply. The men's and women's soccer, if necessary, the London 2012 chairman Lord Coe, the ticket sales were "not a bad situation.
 on the first day of a press conference on the Olympic Park in Stratford, Lord Coe's 150,000 tickets will be programmed through more tickets available. You will be much smaller areas; of course, we scale down the size of these areas. We have football tickets we have sold more than anything else. We are in bad shape for tickets. It always will be, that was a challenge, football tickets, but I think we are quite good. 

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