Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ukrainian Olympic official Tries to Sell Olympic Tickets in Black

Olympic Ticket for London Olympic Games having high price that's way some people wanted to Sell Sell Olympic Tickets in Black. Volodymyr Gerashchenko, Ukraine's National Olympic Committee (NOC), the reporter said that they tout as Great Britain; he will be forced to sell up to 100 tickets. It is an offense to fines of up to 20,000 pounds to sell advertising, according to the London 2012 tickets. 
Mr. Gerashchenko said that he "does not plan to sell tickets in the UK: Ukrainian Sergey Bubka Olympic chief said on Tuesday he said Gerashchenko Kiev him that as long as the investigation terminated, strict rules apply also to countries outside the EU but the tickets they, who live in the country to stop selling tickets on the black market: London, have shown how some of the developed flouted London Olympic Games tickets Distributors and Paralympics Games in the Olympic Games, as well as tickets to the black market after that no one may be willing to organize a National Olympic Committee of Ukraine to sell tickets in a BBC-journalist who is the authorized ticket dealer in Great Britain, Mr. Gerashchenko, who confirmed that he would be willing to sell tickets for Mr. Gerashchenko, who was the Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee in 1997 to an undercover report: 
I understand you're a dealer - it is therefore even. I am the number one priority, and the upper, that person, if we have extra tickets with you, we will contact you. The regular meeting of a hotel near the Olympic Park in East London says Mr. Gerashchenko wanted to distribute the tickets for the Ukrainian fans and coaches and officials. But if this process is over, he would be willing to sell up to 100 additional cards. Volodymyr Gerashchenko, Ukraine's National Olympic Committee, said the BBC-undercover journalist, he may be exceeded up to 100 tickets worth thousands of pounds. Gerashchenko, 56, said to be: I think it would be more money. (B) to investigate the find, but Gerashchenko denied any violations. 
The statement said: We will never sell tickets in the UK. Anyone who advertises the sale of tickets in London in 2012 Can be punished with up to £ 20,000. Former minister Tessa Jowell said the Olympic is stunning. Meanwhile, police have been told to smile during the games. The Met Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison as she wants.

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