Friday, 6 April 2012

Olympic Charter & Olympic Tickets

For London Olympic Games Recently the 21 March 1992 Olympic Charter to manage the arrangement of the various rules and guidelines for the Olympic Games and on-line movements. 
The adoption in the International Olympic Games (IOC) and the codification of the principles, norms and laws French and English are official languages of the Olympic Charter, even if a discrepancy between the French versions of the text comes into force. 
History of the Olympic Games will be the Olympic Charter, Olympic often the result of contradictions. 
Olympic Charter serves three main reasons
In order to establish the principles and values in the Olympic Games
IOC has served as a law
In 2011/2012 by Human Rights Watch-accused Saudi Arabia and by the Olympic Charter against women regularly engages in sports in the country, and Saudi women do not allow athletes to take part in the Olympic Games to ensure that the violation of the fourth, sixth and seventh principles of the Charter, each step should be associated. 
Anita De Frantz, the President of the IOC Women and Sport Commission, which excludes the participation of women in the Olympics to send athletes to the games. I.O.C. Spokesman Emmanuelle Moreau, however, noted that it "does not seem that the representation of women in Saudi Arabia," claiming that "the IOC has ultimatums or deadlines, but the view of the dialogue that can be.

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