Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Olympics LOGOS & Olympic Tickets

There are 2 London auction of the 2012 LOGOS design and second, as a brand for their games. The first is a ribbon of blue, yellow, black, green and red stripes becoming the words "London 2012" that makes the shape of the Thames in London: The latter, developed by Wolff Olin’s, was unveiled on 4 June 2007 and cost £ 400,000. The new logo is representative of 2012, as well as the Olympic rings embedded in the Zero: The Paralympics logo and different colour combinations for the main Wolff Olin’s Logo Design. 
It will be the first time that the logo is used for both the Olympic and Paralympics Games. Standard colors are green, magenta, orange and blue, the logo includes a number of colors, including the EU flag in order to facilitate the transfer. This flexibility can also be sponsored by their corporate logo and colors included in the personalized version, such as British Airways and Lloyds TSB and Adidas. London 2012 has announced that the new logo was designed by young people. Sebastian Coe said that everything was built, the organizing committee, said: "the achievement and inclusion of young people who are our challenge over the next five years," one observer, the CEO of an advertising agency, said that the logo bore a strong resemblance in children's TV 1974-1982 planned Tawas, commenting that it is difficult to apply to the young, and that they will see through attempts to protect them. 
Early non-response, as well as the logo, as measured by the query on the BBC website, which is most negative in more than 80 percent of voters gave the logo the lowest possible quality in several newspapers that have their own competitions, shows alternative represented TV their readers: the sun shown in the design of macaques. It is recommended that the logo of a cartoon character Lisa Simpson got the action performed by others complained that it looks like a distorted Swastika In February 2011. Iran complains that the logo appears to derive from the word Zion, "and threatened to boycott the Olympics. Iran has turned to his complaint, as well as the International Olympic Committee, which describes the logo as a "racist", you ask to be withdrawn, and designers can "resist" the International Olympic Committee "calm" and refused and declared the claim, and Iran that boycotting the games are snapshots of some of the animation was at the same time with the logo on the trigger seizures in people with epilepsy to light, and a few: The charity has received phone calls from people with epilepsy who have fallen ill after watching the TV series In this background, a short part of London in 2012. 
It was announced by Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London said the company does not intend that the film cannot afford the so-called "blogger disastrous mistake on the BBC, it was stated that" the logo for London 2012 has a new country speaks [but] not in the way it was hoped by the organizers. He described the employee in the project company as a "thinker", and is expected to be a source of pride for the Games to London in 2008, and was informed that the logo on the clothing represents 20% of the sales of Adidas store Oxford Street by the leadership of the occupying only 5 percent of floor area.

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