Thursday, 22 March 2012

Olympic Medals & Olympic Tickets

Olympic medals in London Olympic Games were awarded to successful competitors. There are three classes of number of gold medals, silver and bronze Gold medal winner, runner, silver and bronze medals awarded in the third place competitor. 
In some countries, as well as support for all the Olympic athletes, offering them money and gifts to medal, depending on the class and number of medals won A remarkable medal at the Olympic Games for the first time in 1896, and on the size and weight. Standard obverse (front) Summer Olympic medal design, which started in 1928 and stayed for years, until it is time to replace the 2004 Games as a result of the controversy surrounding the use of large halls and rooms of building games with Greek roots: Winter Olympics medal ever in the draft, but regular features of the snow. 
The ancient Olympics had won the olive wreath of olive branches of the wild olive tree that grows in Olympia and intertwine to form a circle or horse shoe. According to Pausanias, the award was presented by Heracles to win a running race for the glory of Zeus. When the modern Olympics began in 1896 with the medal is given to successful competitors. However, the inaugural gold medal in 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece is awarded. Place winners received a silver medal and an olive branch, while the runners-up and bronze Laurel branch of the customs and the sequence of gold, silver, and bronze for the first three days through the 1904 Summer Olympic Games in Armenia St. Louis received, Missouri in the United States. 
International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is retroactive gold, silver and bronze medals in the three best placed athletes in each case assigned, 1896 and 1900 tie game in the top three places are all competitors for the medal the rules of the International Olympic Committee will receive. Medal Awards are not only competitors, each athlete a first degree, the eighth as the main host Stadium name is written on the wall all receive medals.

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