Monday, 19 March 2012

2012 Olympic Parade of Nations & Olympic Tickets

During the Parade of Nations, part of the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies, athletes from each country participating in the Olympic Games will march into the stadium, followed by the flag. 
The flag will be worn by an athlete or official of the country, whether elected by the National Olympic Committee and athletes representing their country. National Olympic Committees (NOCs or) is the national components of the global Olympic Movement. Subject to verification by the International Olympic Committee is responsible for organizing the people to participate in the Olympic Games. 
They may require the cities within their respective regions as candidates for the upcoming Olympics. The development of athletes and training coaches are officials at the national level within their regions. Traditionally, the national team of Greece in the first place as the ancestor of the Olympic Games and the host in the case of Britain, in March will be the last. All other nations march in the name of the host language, in this case is English. 
The Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee intends to continue working after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles has its membership revoked by the IOC Executive Board meeting of the ILO in June 2011. However, the Netherlands Antilles Vil parade independently under the Olympic flag.

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